Revised 10/23/01

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Question 1. How many songs did Harry sing that he did NOT write?

Question 2. How many songs did he perform together with other additional voices?

Question 3. What was Freida's neck like, as mentioned in his first song?

Question 4. What was the color of her hair & teeth, as mentioned in his first song?

Question 5. Who is the first public figure mentioned in his songs?

Question 6. What was the "title" of the person in question 5?

Question 7. What is a "Union Suit"?

Question 8. What happens to Mosquito's when they bite mother-in-law ?

Question 9. How many serious songs did he write?

Question 10. What did Yogi have in his pocket for his sweetheart?

Question 11. Who was Yogi engaged to for a short time?

Question 12. Where are the Mountains called "Tujunga's", as mentioned in "Cookies, Pie and Cake"?

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